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About me

Hi, I’m Efe! I can’t wait to help your business achieve a more data-oriented approach.


About Efe Buyuk

Efe Buyuk is a highly adaptable professional with a diverse background in Data Analysis, Data Engineering, and Project Management. Efe is the founder and current Managing Director of Jeton Digital Ltd., where he leads the company’s strategic direction and oversees its daily operations.


Professional Journey

Efe’s journey in the tech industry began at Huawei, where he served as an Assistant Software Test Engineer. His role involved creating and maintaining automated scripts for TKIMEI and RSM systems, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing manual test coverage.

Following his tenure at Huawei, Efe took on the role of Team Lead and Software Consultant at Kafein Software. Here, he was instrumental in analyzing business environments, identifying the right software solutions, and implementing these solutions to meet client requirements.

In 2020, Efe established Jeton Digital Ltd. and took on the roles of Data Analyst and Data Engineer. In his daily operational role as Project Manager, he has demonstrated his ability to lead cross-functional teams, design algorithms, and boost sales revenue. When not acting as Project Manager, Efe wears the hats of Data Engineer, Data Analyst, or Data Scientist, depending on the project's needs.

Technical Proficiencies

Efe is proficient in a variety of platforms and tools, including Databricks, Kepler, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (BigQuery), AWS, PySpark, Python, R, Scala, C++, SQL, MongoDB, MS Excel VBA, Tableau, Linux, and Shell Scripting.


Efe is currently a PhD candidate in Computer Engineering at Kocaeli University. He holds a Master’s in Information Technologies from Bahcesehir University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Sabanci University. He also participated in the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme in Software and Information Engineering at the University of Vienna.

Achievements and Memberships

Efe’s achievements include designing Key Performance Indicators to monitor sales, proposing solutions to improve system efficiencies, and developing algorithms that boost sales revenue. He was a member of several Rotary clubs, including Izmit Rotaract, Topkapi Rotary, Putney Rotary, and Global Rotary Hub.


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